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List Description
32gbpsevn Enabling operational 32 Gbps VLBI in the EVN
Aartfaac Aartfaac operation contacts
Aeneas-admin AENEAS administrative contacts
Aeneas-all Mailing list for all AENEAS participants
Aeneas-content AENEAS project (scientific) content
Aeneas-finance AENEAS financial contacts
Aeneas-ga AENEAS General Assembly
Aeneas-legal AENEAS legas issues around CA and GA
Aeneas-mt AENEAS Management Team
Aeneas-wp2 AENEAS Work Package 2 group
Aeneas-wp3 AENEAS Work Package 3 group
Aeneas-wp3t12 AENEAS Work Package 3 group task 1 and 2
Aeneas-wp3t3 AENEAS Work Package 3 group task 3
Aeneas-wp4 AENEAS Work Package 4 group
Aeneas-wp5 AENEAS Work Package 5 group
Aeneas-wp6 AENEAS Work Package 6 group
Agn-group This list is used to organise AGN group meetings.
Agstaff For AG Staff
Apertif_users For Apertif users
Apertifbuilders For the Apertif builders team
Apertifimaging For the Apertif imaging team.
Apertifscience For the Apertif science team
Astronastronomer ASTRON A&O astronomers.
Astronomer All Dwingeloo astronomers.
Casavlbi This mailing list serves to announce the latest development version of the VLBI toolkit in CASA.
Citt CITT: Calibration & Imaging Team
Cittag CITT: Calibration & Imaging Tiger Team Advisory Group.
Cleopatra Work package 5 of the ASTERICS project.
Cleopatra_mm Asterics task 5.2 participants
Dragnet People working on the DRAGNET pulsar and burst searching project.
Eosc-pilot EOSCpilot 4 LOFAR collaboration
Everyonejive All JIVE employees.
Evntech EVNtech mail exploder
Flits Discussions about and advisories for the Flits cluster of Raffaella Morganti, and the Radiolife project.
Halogas Halogas, a long-term WSRT observing project.
Happili Discussions about and advisories for the Happili cluster of Thijs van de Hulst.
Jiveastronomer All JIVE astronomers.
Lofar-builders LOFAR Builder's list used for LOFAR commissioning papers.
Lofar-cep To contact ASTRON on operational LOFAR central processing issues.
Lofar-cosmic Contact persons NAA Cosmic Rays.
Lofar-knmi For contact persons NAA Infrasound.
Lofar-lta Used to contact ASTRON on operational LOFAR long term storage issues.
Lofar-net Used to contact ASTRON on operational LOFAR network issues.
Lofar-news Mailing list for Lofar news.
Lofar-obs Used to contact the LOFAR operator on duty on observation issues.
Lofar-ops Used for LOFAR operational issues.
Lofar-pr Used for LOFAR press release coordination.
Lofar-proposals Mailing list for Lofar proposals.
Lofar-tno Mailing list for contact persons NAA Seismology.
Lofarbeheer Lofar systeem- en netwerk beheerders.
Lofarcore Discussions about and advisories for the lofarcore nodes of Ger de Bruyn's EoR group.
lofarpwg LOFAR Pulsar Working Group
Lofarusers Mailing list for all Lofar users at CEP
Longbaselinelofar People who work on the long baseline aspect of LOFAR.
Lsm Lofar Status Meetings announcements.
M2O-VLBI List to coordinate activities of the VLBI branch of the Maser Monitoring Organisation (M2O)
MHONGOOSE Mailing list for the MeerKAT Large Survey Project MHONGOOSE
Parseltongue Parseltongue announcements and discussion on ParselTongue
Pulsars Used by the ASTRON Pulsar Group.
Sched_forum Members of the Jumping JIVE SCHED Forum
Sos Science Operations & Support group
Summerstudents Used for the Summerstudents.
SWENED Space WEather NEDerland
Teamred The 'red' scrum team of SDOS in the RO
Uniboard Mailing list for the UniBoard.
Uniboard2 Mailing list for the UniBoard2.
Wr-cleopatra The White Rabbit technical discussion group, within the Work package 5 of the ASTERICS project.
Wsrt-support WSRT Support.

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